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Things to see and do nearby

If you have time on your journey, we recommend these wonderful places right on our doorstep. We are more than happy to recommend other points of interest and show you on a map how to get there!

Camster Cairns

Dating from between 4000BC and 2500BC, these burial chambers are hidden in long, low mounds rising from an evocatively lonely moor. The Long Cairn measures 60m by 21m. You can enter the main chamber, but must first crawl into the well-preserved Round Cairn, which has a corbelled ceiling. From a turn-off a mile east of Lybster on the A99, the cairns are 4 miles north. You can continue 7 further miles to approach Wick on the A882

Whaligoe Steps

At Ulbster, 5 miles north of Lybster, this staircase cut into the cliff provides access to a tiny natural harbour, with ideal grassy picnic spot, ringed by vertical cliffs and echoing with the cackle of nesting fulmars. The path begins at the end of the minor road opposite the road signposted ‘Cairn of Get’

Achavanich Stone Setting

Six miles to the northwest of Lybster and a mile off the A9, these 30 standing stones date from around 2000 BC. These crumbling monuments still capture the imagination with their desolate location. Nearby are the remains of a burial cairn, another millennium older.

Laidhay Croft Museum

This museum, two miles north of Dunbeath, recreates crofting life from the mid-1800s to WWII. It is housed in an 18th-century Caithness longhouse with stable and byre at either end, thatched with local rushes; the nearby barn has its original wooden cruck roof.

Hill O’ Many Stanes

Two miles beyond the Camster turn-off on the A99 is a curious, fan-shaped arrangement of 22 rows of small stones probably from around 2000 BC. Staggeringly, there were 600 in the original pattern. On a sunny day, the views from this hill are stunning.

 Clan Gunn Museum

At the Clan Gunn Heritage Centre & Museum in Latheron, 3 miles northeast of Dunbeath on the A9, there's information on the Gunn clan, from its Viking origins to present day. Even if you don’t want to go in, it’s worth pulling into the car park on a fine day to admire the stunning views

Waterlines Heritage Centre

At the picturesque harbour in Lybster, this museum has an exhibition on the town's fishing heritage and a cafe downstairs and above. There's a smokehouse alongside that you can sometimes see in use. There is also an outdoor installation showing the geology of the local area. 

Latheronwheel Harbour and Strath

At the bottom of Latheronwheel village is a beautiful historic harbour, with sea caves, old bothies and bridges to explore. You can often see seals and seabirds here. Once parked at the harbour, you can walk up the road to the Strath path, a beautiful winding walk along the river, where there is a fairy trail for children to enjoy. 

 Dunbeath Heritage Centre

This heritage centre has a stone carved with runic graffiti, and a display on the work of Neil Gunn, whose wonderful novels evoke the Caithness of his boyhood


We have an extensive visitor information point in the café with leaflets, maps and brochures. We are also very happy to discuss the area with you and give you directions. 


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